The legend is born–Ip Man

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If you liked watching Bruce Lee in action, then this is for you. Before Bruce Lee, there was Ip Man.

The legend is born—Ip Man, the sequel follow-up to martial arts film series Ip Man, will be released in theatres this Fall.

A biographical film based on the life of Wing Chun master Yip Man, famous for mentoring Bruce Lee, Ip Man is helmed by director Herman Yau and stars Dennis To.

The first Ip Man was released theatrically in Hong Kong in the winter of 2008, with much success. The film grossed over $21M worldwide, despite not being released in North America and most of Europe. Following its success, the film was nominated for 12 Hong Kong Film Awards, best film and best action choreography, among others. The second one was released in Hong Kong in the spring of 2010. In all, Ip Man 2 grossed an estimated $15 million worldwide.

The legend is born—Ip Man also features a fight between martial arts legends Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao and an appearance by eighty-six year-old Ip Chun, Ip Man’s real life son, as one of the wing chun master’s mentors and who acted as an advisor to the film (wing chung is a self-defense martial art from Southern China, that country’s answer to krav maga).

Apparently everyone wants a piece of Ip Man.

Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai caused some controversy after he announced that he would shoot his own Ip man movie starring Tony Leung. According to Wikipedia, Ip Man producer Raymond Wong “retracted the film title” and changed it to “Grandmaster Yip Man.”

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