Happy birthday MTV

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Wowsers! Thirty years ago the now-venerable institution that is MTV (which stands for music television) launched. The day was August 1, 1981. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was ten and we lived on the Left Bank in Paris, where I was raised. My parents had a small black & white television and it was on a corner table by the patio. And I remember very well watching the first music video that I had ever seen, it was the Buggles’ ‘Video killed the radio star.’ What an amazing discovery.

Being born in 1971 means that I was a teenager during the Eighties, with all that amazing music that has always been in vogue – one look at the current roster of artists on MTV, Britney Spears & Co., and you can’t help wonder, what happened?

Here’s a link to that seminal MTV broadcast.