50 Cent Promotes New Project Things Fall Apart

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Rappers and movies. Now there’s a subject critics love to talk about.

Films starring rappers that are both critically and commercially successful are extremely rare. The only one who’s been up to the challenge is Marshal ‘Eminem’ Mathers, who appeared in the Curtis Hanson-directed “8 Mile” in 2002.

If I had to pick someone for the spot, it would be Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson was recently at the Aruba Film Festival to promote his latest movie “Things Fall apart,” sporting a new ‘do which all by itself should get a lot of tongues wagging.

After looking at some of the photos from 50 Cent’s appearance at the Aruba Festival I thought, here’s a guy who’s got his heart in the right place as far as cinema concerned. But it’s just a hunch.

A couple years ago I was at the Cinema Against AIDS gala which happens during the Cannes Festival. 50 Cent was there and we met. He wore a single-breasted grey suit and smiled at no one in particular. He wasn’t too self-effacing or in-your-face and studied people’s faces a lot.

In “Things fall apart,” which will be released sometimes before the end of the year and is directed by Mario Van Peebles, 50 plays Deon Barnes, a star running back for the Miami Dolphins whose future is in his hands until a diagnosis of cancer unleashes mayhem upon his promising career.

Jackson lost a lot of weight for the role and was more engaged into the role playing than in any of his other movie appearances before that, according to some of the interviews I read.

Keep an eye out for Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson in “Things fall apart,” coming out in 2011.