THE COVE – Plight of the dolphins (DVD)

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Not only is “The Cove” more exciting than any thriller but it’s a heartstopping, disturbing one, showing a situation we can all do something about. As citizens of the world, as unworthy custodians of the planet we live on, and as individuals for whom the environment means not only the possibility of life for future generations but our personal health, this tremendous undertaking should be seen by every one.

“The Cove” which won the 2009 Academy Award for best documentary is the rage-inducing filming by a brave and committed team composed of filmmaker Louie Psihoyos of National Geographic, dolphin trainer Rick O’Barry (of “Flipper” fame), deep sea divers, cameramen, and others of the truly abominable massacre of dolphins in a hidden cove in the port of Taiji, Japan. Hand-picked among these beautiful, intelligent cetaceans are those taken in captivity for the two billion-dollar-a-year water world amusement parks. The rest, a staggering 23,000, are slaughtered with unbelievable brutality and their meat, laced with mercury in quantities much too dangerous for humans, sold as various fish meat to an unaware public in Japan and elsewhere.

Everyone is complicit but especially international corporations and the Japanese government. And also, incredibly, the international whaling commission (IWC) supported by hard cash that allows them to buy the votes of poorer countries toward a tortuous agenda that leaves no room for the protection of dolphins.

The least you can do after watching the vicious and inhumane treatment of these lovely mammals that in ancient times were protected for their friendliness toward humans is to never set foot in a waterworld. The best you will probably be moved to do is to make this cause yours. Enough concern from all and slow as we are at getting our act together, we can help save the dolphins as we have helped saving the whales.

“The Cove” is now available on Blu-ray.


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