A debate of towering significance between two eminent thinkers; “FREUD’S LAST SESSION” | FILM REVIEW

Starring Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Goode and Jodi Balfour
Directed by Matt Brown

If you've wanted to be a fly on the wall for a conversation in a theological vein between Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis, the playwright Mark St. Germain brings it to the stage in "Freud's Last Session," now a film directed by Matt Brown ("The Man Who Knew Infinity"). Anthony Hopkins achieves yet another pitch-perfect performance as Sigmund Freud, burned by the spread of fascism across Europe, ... more >

NEWS: Anthony Hopkins to portray Freud in adaptation of Mark St. Germain play

Sir Anthony Hopkins, 83, will play Freud in an adaptation of Freud's last session, a play by Mark St. Germain, an American playwright and author. The play was created in 2009. The film, to be directed by Matt Brown ("The Man who knew infinity"), is based around a debate about the existence of God with C.S. Lewis, a role that Hopkins himself had portrayed in "Shadowlands" 1993, directed by Richard ... more >

CANNES FESTIVAL: James Gray’s return to his childhood with “ARMAGEDDON TIME”

A story about growing up in the eighties
Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Anthony Hopkins
Directed by James Gray

CANNES, France -- There were problems with booking seats to the screening of James Gray's latest film, "Armageddon Time," this caused frustration. Finally, I managed to snag a ticket to join my group. Gray doesn't come to the Cannes Festival often. Fascinated by marginal characters left to fend for themselves, like Joaquin Phoenix's Leonard Kraditor of "Two Lovers," Gray casts a spotlight on ... more >

Anthony Hopkins gives magisterial performance in “The Father”

Hopkins was first sent the script for "The Father" by the director in 2017
Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman and Imogen Poots
Directed by Florian Zeller

Anthony Hopkins gives the performance of a lifetime in “The Father,” which is saying something for a man who has been acting professionally for more than a half-century, and who already has one Oscar to his credit.  Hopkins is 83, at the top of his game, and also of the right age to infuse his character in the new film with the most assuredly correct amount of pathos and humanity, and elicit our ... more >


The biopic that could've been (but isn't)
Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren
Directed by Sacha Gervasi

The principal pleasure of “Hitchcock”—which, in the end, is a film of decidedly few pleasures—comes from watching Anthony Hopkins’s transformation into the Master of Suspense. Hopkins may have worn a fat suit and prosthetics for the role, and he may not possess the disproportionately gaunt cheekbones and bulbous nose of the real Hitchcock (the star’s nose is so pointy here it almost upstages his ... more >

You will meet a tall dark stranger

Double dating explained
Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin and Anthony Hopkins
Directed by Woody Allen

In You will meet a tall dark stranger coming out this week the stars are aligned once again. Woody Allen's new picture--its title wrily referring to what fortune-tellers will say as soon as you're in the door-- is a winner, vintage Allen, with idiosyncrasies firmly rooted in tradition, the endearing stranger doing the voiceover and even—even!—a character named Alfie, played by Anthony Hopkins. ... more >

City of your Final Destination

The new balance of power
Anthony Hopkins and Charlotte Gainsbourg
Directed by James Ivory

James Ivory’s latest film harkens back to Merchant-Ivory’s greatest triumphs, particularly A Room With A View (1985). But instead of a sheltered ingénue, City tells the story of a restless young academic, Omar, who is forced to question his own feelings towards his career, his relationship, and ultimately his view of the world. If this sounds like a heavy-handed premise, don’t despair; City’s tone ... more >