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Los Angeles, Calif. | Epic Pictures and DREAD have announced the acquisition of the worldwide rights to a slate of three films ahead of the Cannes Marché du Film, which is set to take place digitally from June 22nd to June 26th, 2020. The films acquired for distribution include Andy Collier and Toor Mian’s horror flick “Sacrifice,” co-starring Barbara Crampton (You’re Next, From Beyond, Re-Animator), along with horror/comedy “Uncle Peckerhead,” written/directed/produced by Matthew John Lawrence and produced by Nicholas Santos and Kristy Richman, and “La Casa,” a Spanish horror film from award-winning Chilean writer/director Jorge Olguín.

“Sacrifice” takes place on a Norwegian island as Isaac and his pregnant wife Emma, return to Isaac’s birth place to deal with an unexpected inheritance after the death of his mother. They find themselves caught in a nightmare as an ancient cosmic horror awakens to claim a birth right of its own. Barbara Crampton plays Renate, alongside Ludovic Hughes as Isaac, and Sophie Stevens as Emma. “Sacrifice” is written and directed by Andy Collier and Toor Mian, who are both known for their work on Charismata, which won Best Feature Film Award at the Hexploitation Film Festival in 2018.

“We couldn’t be more excited to team up with Epic/DREAD — to bring this tale of lovecraftian horror to the world”, says Collier and Mian. “What would happen if you found yourself face to face with cosmic forces that are utterly malevolent and yet supremely indifferent to the lives, hopes and dreams of humanity? Madness and violence I expect. But no spoilers…”

“I love Epic Pictures/Dread and have worked with them on many titles before”, says Barbara Crampton. “I’m beyond thrilled for Sacrifice to have found the perfect home. With truly wonderful performances from Sophie Stevens and Ludovic Hughes, this haunting tale directed by creative duo, Toor Mian and Andy Collier, lulls us in with the majestic beauty of Norway. It then drags us into a frightening nightmare, where a deep and dark secret dwells. Our only escape is to become part of something both demanding and all consuming. A thing so horrible and indescribable forcing us to an impossible choice: utter madness or death.”

“Uncle Peckerhead” is a feature horror-comedy that follows punk-rock band ‘DUH’ — bassist Judy (Chet Siegel), guitarist Max (Jeff Riddle) and drummer Mel (Ruby McCollister) — on their first tour. Desperate to find a van for their travels, they get a helping hand from a charming drifter named “Peck” (David Littleton). Little do they know their new roadie is a cursed, man-eating hillbilly and the “gig life” they’ve always dreamed of is paved with nightmares and half-eaten bodies. Written, directed, and produced by Matthew John Lawrence, “Uncle Peckerhead” celebrated its world premiere at Panic Fest in Kansas City earlier this year, where it was named among the “Best of Fest.”

“’Uncle Peckerhead’ has been a gruesome labor of love the last few years”, says writer/director Matthew John Lawrence. “With the Epic Pictures/DREAD acquisition, I cannot think of a better-suited company to bring our madcap music & monster movie to the masses.”

“Uncle Peckerhead” is set to release in U.S. theaters on August 7, 2020.

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“La Casa,” inspired by real events, is a horror/mystery that takes place in 1986 during Chile’s military dictatorship. Due to the complaints of some neighbors who say they saw suspicious people inside the “Dubois House,” police officer Arriagada (Gabriel Cañas) is summoned to inspect. Arriagada finds himself trapped in the abandoned house and tries to escape from the violent and paranormal events that occur inside. “La Casa” had its world premiere at the 34th Mar del Plata International Film Festival, where it surprised many and left with positive reviews. “La Casa” is written and directed by award-winning Chilean director Jorge Olguín. Having graduated from the Film School of the University of Arts and Sciences Arcis, Olguín is considered the pioneer of the fantasy and horror genre in Chile and Latin America.

“I am so excited to have teamed up with the Epic/Dread team on this movie!” says writer/director Jorge Olguín. “’La Casa’ has been my most personal film so far. I wanted to transmit the terrible atmosphere that I lived in my childhood during the Chilean dictatorship in the 80s. It is an atmospheric, violent film with minimal elements, practically a single actor, a single location and recorded in real time.”