ACTOR Max Von Sydow leaves us, he was 90

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A number of movie goers will surely identify with me when I say that, Swedish actor Max Von Sydow, who died on March 8th at the age ninety, has been part of my committed film-lover’s life for as far back as I can remember. His tall-as-a-tree lean—-later gnarled–body, his long face more and more gloomy as the years went by, were part of innumerable experiences, from the most esoteric Ingmar Bergman often indecipherable offering to the most beloved “Star Wars” episode to the more mundane television series. Plus science fiction, thrillers, and of course the inescapable “Exorcist” (1973) in which he played the part of Father Merrin. Von Sydox has played in everything, with every director, big and small. Well, as the man loved being an actor and lived ninety years, we were lucky enough to see him over and over. And films are indestructible, all there to be brought up on the multitude of screens that surround us with a couple of strokes. So he will be with us forever.