INDIA CINEMA NEWS: Biopic about India’s PM Narendra Modi, played by Vivek Oberoi, to roll out in India’s theaters in the first week of April

Narendra Modi now has his own biopic. It will come out early next month. Modi is played by actor Vivek Oberoi, with Rajendra Gupta, Prashant Narayanan, Zarina Wahab, Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Boman Irani, Darshan Kumar and Yatin Karyekar, among others, in the supporting roles. This biopic was directed by Omung Kumar, who has earlier helmed films such “Mary Kom,” “Sarbjit and Bhoomi,” two of which were based on real-life characters.

“PM Narendra Modi” has been the most talked-about movie in India since word first came out about its impending release in January. The film toes the nationalistic line, in keeping, of course, with the leader’s political aspirations. Modi was never a friend of Muslim Indians, who yet make up half, if not more, of India’s population. Modi is gung-ho about Hindu nationalism. Scratch this, he is the embodiment of Hindu nationalism. And as such, this biopic, while looking certainly entertaining, can only be said to be a puff piece.

In the trailer Modi declares that his greatest love is for his country, and he is shown planting the flag in Kashmir, and threatening Pakistan with dire consequences for its support of terrorism. The dialogue overlaps with the public statements and stump speeches delivered by Modi and other political leaders of his party affiliation.

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