CANNES FESTIVAL | Laurent Lafitte, unmaster of ceremony

CANNES, France – Seems like French actor and host of this year’s Cannes Festival mistook Master of Ceremony with Roastmaster. Everyone, probably, was therefore caught off-guard when he made a seriously foul comment about Woody Allen, who was seated in the room with Soon-Yi Previn and the cast of his latest film, “Cafe Society.”

Making a reference to Roman Polansky’s rape-related legal problems here in the U.S. and his inability to come back here (and direct films stateside again, possibly) Lafitte looked at Woody Allen and said: “it’s a pleasure to see you filming so many films in Europe, even though you haven’t even been convicted of rape in the U.S.” A strange attempt at French humor by a host in search of inspiration? Lafitte ought learn a lesson or two in civility. There’s a time and a place to roast people when you’re a comedian, but roasting the filmmaker whose film opens the Cannes Festival is an odious faux-pas.


Not laughing


The “Oh-no-he-didn’t” moment


Julianne Moore, opening ceremony, Cannes Festival

Here’s the video (in French)

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