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45 Years

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PRESS CONFERENCE, Queen of the desert

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PREVIEW – “Seymour: an introduction”

Directed by Ethan Hawke
Limited release: March 13th

Ethan Hawke’s first feature documentary “Seymour: an introduction” makes no attempt to be comprehensive about the life of its titular subject, classical pianist Seymour Bernstein. Instead, it focuses on what drew Hawke to Seymour: his sagaciousness and reflections on music, artistic devotion, and life. Eighty-seven years young, Seymour is a guru who not only mentors in piano playing but also in ... more >



Film was written by Luke Davies
A premiere was held on February 9th
Running time: 111 minutes

As usual, lots of mesmerizingly-good cinema to see and report on at the ongoing Berlinale. I'm a die-hard Cannes-goer but somehow Berlin being held in February seems to work pretty good timing-wise for a lot of the more vital and less-established filmmakers. The wild, young things go to Berlin and the older, more reliable filmmakers make their appearance in May. This might have something to do ... more >


Terminal illness and the power of cinema in FAREWELL TO HOLLYWOOD

(2015, 102 min) / 16:9 / 5.1
A documentary film by Henry Corra and Reggie Nicholson

"Farewell to Hollywood," a documentary film by Henry Corra and Reggie Nicholson, will get a limited theatrical release later this month. Doc has screened at IDFA, Hot Springs Doc Fest and Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. Film will open in New York at Cinema Village on February 25 and at the Noho 7 in Los Angeles on March 13. A national release will follow. In "Farewell" seventeen year-old ... more >

NEWPORT BEACH FESTIVAL makes call for entries

WANTED: the best of U.K. film

This April the Newport Beach Film Festival will feature a special U.K. film showcase.  Fest has premiered several notable British films in the past, including, "Sexy Beast," "Layer Cake," "Son of Rambo," "Belle" and "God Help the Girl." The U.K. Showcase will be held on April 24th. Included are, narrative and documentary feature films as well as a curated U.K. shorts program. Screenings and ... more >

PHOTOBOOK: When they were young (I)

(this is the first article in the multiseries) Funny, how people with a knack already look the part of success at a young age. They have the shine, that thing that can't be defined with words but that says, "I can't be for sure where, but I'm going places." The viewer of these images likely projects unto them, a forecasting of extraordinariness, the success that we're familiar with but that the ... more >