Terminal illness and the power of cinema in FAREWELL TO HOLLYWOOD

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“Farewell to Hollywood,” a documentary film by Henry Corra and Reggie Nicholson, will get a limited theatrical release later this month. Doc has screened at IDFA, Hot Springs Doc Fest and Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. Film will open in New York at Cinema Village on February 25 and at the Noho 7 in Los Angeles on March 13. A national release will follow.

In “Farewell” seventeen year-old Regina Diane Nicholson swings between heaven and earth on a breathtakingly high cliff by the sea (figuratively speaking). “Reggie” is a tomboy struggling with a terminal illness, her parents, and her dream of making a film before she dies (she loves watching and making movies. The first movie she watched was “Silence of the Lambs.” She makes an impression with her loving, strong personality and wisdom beyond her years, as well as her morbid sense of humor.

When director Henry Corra met seventeen year-old filmmaker Regina Nicholson at a film festival, he agreed to help her make a feature film. What developed over the next two years is a lively relationship between Reggie and Henry. He became her collaborator, friend and defender in her fight to find artistic and personal freedom. Once Reggie turns eighteen and can make decisions on her own, things become even more intense.

“Farewell” is a raw and unexpected love story about the commitment of two people to art, poetry, care, and the potential beauty of every moment together, until the very final end.

Film was executive produced by Lance Armstrong, among others.

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