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Putting a face to the numbers in THE HUNTING GROUND

90 mins / color
Directed by Kirby Dick
Also known as "Campus assaults"

There are a lot of ways that “The Hunting Ground” echoes “The Invisible War,” director and writer Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering’s last documentary. Both are films that expose the ugly side of celebrated institutions, with “The Hunting Ground” taking on star universities and “The Invisible War” confronting the U.S. military. Both lay bare the banality of sexual violence that occurs within these ... more >

GREY GARDENS, newly-restored, coming to theaters soon

[100 mins]

Edith 'Little Edie' Bouvier Beale: "No, I'm not ready; I have no makeup on... but things are getting better!" (one of the many choice quotes from 1975's "Grey Gardens"). For the sadistic movie-goer "Grey Gardens" might just be the epitome of schadenfreude: look, rejoice, at how Big and Little Edie Beale, a mother-and-daughter team of recluses living in a run-down mansion in East Hampton have ... more >


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The film world a political injustice loveth (but it also loveth good cinema). And in a perfect storm of urgent, inspired filmmaking and jurisdictional accuracy the Golden Bear, the top award at the Berlinale, went to Jafar Panahi for his film "Taxi," a day after the FIPRESCI prize was given to him. Many of the other awards given out last night went to the underdogs, directors making cinema on a ... more >


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Everything will be fine – RED CARPET

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Everything will be fine

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