Tribeca and Vine

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During the 2013 edition of the Tribeca Film Festival which closed yesterday event organizers ran a competition on its website which everyone could participate in: a Vine contest, featuring videos made in the now-famous six-second format. This is a great innovation for this festival created in 2002 by Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro and Craig Hatkoff which focuses short films, documentaries, narratives, and home movies.

Until earlier this month budding filmmakers (vinistas? Vinecasters? Winos? Who knows?) can submit their vines in one of four categories: #kind #author #animate (animated) and #serial, using the hashtag in their class associated with the Competition, #6SECFILMS.

After a first selection was made, the jury eventually landed on winner KevyPizza’s video.

The first-place winner was rewarded with a prize of $ 600, and $ 100 went to the runner-up.

Launched in January, the Vine application allows iPhone users (soon on Android smartphones) to add a short video of six seconds to their tweets. The clips can be viewed via Vine or directly integrated into tweets.

All this is fine and everything but animation isn’t as much fun as what our favorite (and decidedly unhinged) Vinista, Brittany Furlan does (have a look at one of her recent vines).

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