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The film may have already convinced the Oscars jury, but internet users will now be able to make up their own opinion about it: “Paperman,” a short film presented at the Annecy animad film festival last June, was added last week to Disney’s Youtube channel.

The seven-minute film, which was screened in cinemas as the opener for “Wreck-it Ralph,” will compete in the “Best Animated Short” category on February 24th at the Academy Awards. The film’s strengths include an animation technique which combines synthetic images and traditionnal drawing, and a love story based on a paper airplane about one man’s desperate efforts to attract the attention of a beautiful young lady in the skyscraper directly across the way.

And, as always with Disney, everything ends well that ends well. All that’s missing is the conventional “they married and had many children.” The animated short is popular enough: as of this writing the Youtube screening earned over 10M views.

WATCH: “Paperman” on Youtube

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