Controversy surrounds Nina Simone biopic

Bloggers ignite the mic

“Not black enough.” That’s the argument being leveled at the decision to cast Zoe Saldana in the role of Nina Simone for an upcoming Cynthia Mort biopic entitled “Nina” about the troubling songbird. Sadly, it is a tenet of Hollywood that lighter-skinned actors are more bankable.

Here’s what the Coffee Rhetoric blog wrote about this: “Black actresses have a difficult enough time navigating the politics of the film industry, so when those who have darker-skin are pitted against bi-/multi-racial/racially ambiguous actresses who can “pass” for black, to whom they lose plum roles, they continue to be cast in parts that relay narratives about black female pathology: maids, the sassy invisible black friend of some desired other actress, or the hyper-sexual ghetto queen…”

According Simone Kelly, the songbird’s daughter, Saldana wasn’t the top choice either. When she was still alive her mother had leaned in favor of Whoopi Goldberg taking on the eventual role, apparently.

Not unsurprisingly Saldana has kept mum on the matter.

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