Uggie the Dog leaves mark on Hollywood sidewalk

It's a dog's life

But not how you thought. Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier whose acrobatics were on full display in the silent-era send-up “The Artist” (this year’s Oscar winner) became the first dog to leave his prints on Hollywood Boulevard, next to such big-screen royalty as Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. Dressed in a bow tie yesterday Uggie pressed his paws into the cement in a ceremony that also marked his retirement from the movies. The ten-year-old mascot, who became French actor Jean Dujardin’s sidekick in “Artist,” will from now on appear at charity events, his trainer said.

“Everybody thinks I am great trainer. I don’t think so. I think he is just a great dog,” trainer Omar von Muller said during the print ceremony, thanking Uggie’s fans and his thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Tod Jones says

    Uggie is not the first dog to leave its paw prints on Hollywood. Paw prints and sidewalk stars of Lassie – whose star is on Hollywood Boulevard between Cahuenga and Ivar – and Rin Tin Tin, whose star is on Vine Street.