INTOUCHABLES’ U.S. REMAKE – who to cast?

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Idris Elba, Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx. According to a story in today’s N.Y. Post, these are the three names being thrown around for the leading role in the American remake of Intouchables, the French tour de force movie which got so many butts in movie theater seats that France hadn’t seen this kind of record attendance since the sixties. But this could be just another N.Y. Post rumor. Harvey Weinstein, who picked up distribution rights, has stated publicly that he would envision French humorist Omar Sy himself in the role. To me, this spells potential disaster. Americans wouldn’t like a French-accented actor in a main role. Even though Jean Dujardin killed everyone here with his charms (and he has lots to give) The Artist was a silent film so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Then again, this might work, and what an exploit it would be for Weinstein Company if it all goes down as planned.

Omar Sy

Omar Sy Le Magnifique

Other names being bandied about, still in the same N.Y. Post story, for the main female role: Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams. Paul Feig would direct.

It will remain to be seen what the final cast will be. As gripping will be to find out whether the Weinstein Company can replicate the success of the French with this novel-based story, that of a paraplegic man who hires an inner-city petty criminal as aide, their unlikely association blossoming into a complicit–though sometimes tenuous–friendship. Intouchables is based on a true story.

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Idris Elba, Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx, all being considered for the lead in Intouchables