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French cinema on the rise | NEWS

Paris lobby group stakes claim over 2012

French cinema's B.O. returns in 2012 have set a record with over $1BN in ticket sales, an increase of 88% compared to the previous year, according to a statement released Friday by Unifrance, the Paris-based lobby and trade representation group. This new record beats the previous one established in 2008, by a lot. According to Unifrance, which is also responsible for the promotion of French ... more >

Chris Tucker in “Intouchables” ?

"Rush Hour 3" star said to be in talks with film's producers

Here’s one that was easy to predict. After the huge success of “Intouchables” in France and following its semi-successful international rollout, the film is going to be remade here, too. Released just last year, the film has taken beaucoup B.O. bucks (400M at last count). Yup, that’s got Hollywood salivating. Here are the names which have been confirmed for the American remake: Colin Firth for ... more >

Will “The Intouchables” go to the Oscars?

Speculating on a possible Gallic contender

The French hurricane is raging on. "The Intouchables" France's biggest B.O. success in fifty years was short-listed to represent this country at this year's Oscars; the final decision will be rendered in January. Filmmakers Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache sounded optimistic about their chances, tweeting "'The Intouchables' on its way to the Oscars" a few moments after France's official film ... more >

INTOUCHABLES’ U.S. REMAKE – who to cast?

And can Weinstein Company turn this film into a gold mine?

Idris Elba, Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx. According to a story in today's N.Y. Post, these are the three names being thrown around for the leading role in the American remake of Intouchables, the French tour de force movie which got so many butts in movie theater seats that France hadn't seen this kind of record attendance since the sixties. But this could be just another N.Y. Post rumor. Harvey ... more >

WEINSTEIN CO sets up Intouchables for U.S. (Variety)

Can they replicate the B.O. bonanza witnessed in France?

As reported in Variety, the Weinstein Company is packaging a remake of Intouchables, a French movie (itself an adaptation of a book) which made a killing at the box office last year. Intouchables (photo) was in fact the third biggest-selling movie ever in France. I’m curious whether the title will cause any problems for American audiences, who might easily think this is a remake of Brian De ... more >