Tom Cruise in TALKS to play Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died April in 1994 in Seattle. If someone then had told you that eighteen years later Tom Cruise might be picked to play him in a biopic, would you have believed them?

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According to Variety, Cruise was tapped to play the grunge rock legend in an upcoming biopic to be produced by Warner Brothers, based on a screenplay adapted from the 1937 movie A Star is Born by writer Will Fetters of Remember Me fame. Previously there had been talk of Jake Gyllenhaal portraying the Nirvana frontman.

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The studio became convinced that Cruise would be right for the role after seeing his performance in Rock of Ages, slated for release mid-June (also a Warner Bros. release).

And why not, after all? Highly experienced actors are like magicians sometimes, they can make themselves disappear and someone else appear in their place.

If Cruise is convincing in both Rock of Ages and Star, it will show not only that he’s incredibly versatile but also has a good sense of humor. Action-hero types can usually be expected to steer clear of glam-metal jukebox musicals.

As of the writing of this article, Cruise is still mulling the Warner Brothers’ offer.

WATCH: Nirvana performing “Where did you sleep last night” in New York.

(Featured Tom Cruise photo: Harrison/Getty)

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