TIM ROTH to lead U.C.R. jury at Cannes

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The Cannes Festival announced that actor Tim Roth will be presiding over the Un Certain Regard jury this year. Created in 1978, Un Certain regard is the festival’s twin brother program, with a distinctive birthmark: it fetes new filmmakers.

The U.C.R jury will hand out its own awards, albeit during a more low-key ceremony, on the day before the main selection’s closing. A generous 30,000 euros purse to cover the winning film’s distribution costs will also be given out.

Roth, who combines charisma and don’t-fuck-with-me wit, seems well-suited for the role of jury president. A Briton, he made his entrance in Cannes after appearing in two Quentin Tarantino-movies, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, the latter which won the festival’s top award in 1994.

Now of course Roth is best-known for portraying Dr. Cal Lightman on the Fox Series Lie to Me.

The jury he’ll be presiding over (the program and jury members will be made known during a press conference to be held on April 19th) will likely be made up of journalists, writers and filmmakers.