Visual artist TURNS TO CATS for his next film

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Swiss-born London-based visual artist Christian Marclay, who several years ago produced the 24-hour movie The Clock, has made a new and powerful–though perhaps less lofty–work of art called Untitled Cat Project # 23. By inserting footage of cats in famous scenes taken from classic and modern films (Casablanca, the Sixth Sense and Seven, to name a few) he’s made the documentary for our time, a poignant tribute to the Youtube generation.

The art world has already taken notice, a special stage with the requisite grid-like seating arrangement (the exhibit rider for The Clock was 24 pages-long) will be organized at this year’s Art Basel in Miami. The only difference from past exhibits is, oversized cat furniture will be positioned among the sofas so that viewers can climb up the towering structures and watch the films from a new vantage point–the idea will be for viewers to live the film rather than passively watch it.

Judge for yourself:[jwplayer config=”Default-Post-Player” mediaid=”10166″]