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While the blogosphere is lighting up with talk of the new Prometheus trailer (which looks really cool, by the way) I’ve been trying to find new information about Spring Breakers, a Harmony Korine-helmed film currently in production.

It’s about a group of girlfriends who rob a restaurant in order to pay for a vacation at the beach. The choice of the actors defies expectations: Emma Roberts, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, all of which have acted in major-studio and Disney productions, can hardly be considered archetypal Korine actors. But then again, Lindsay Lohan was cast by Robert Rodriguez in Machete.

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On set, Harmony Korine

Some people might argue that Korine, who’s never had a successful movie in terms of box office, is trying to attract a new demographic by hiring out of the Disney pool. Or maybe the whole thing is just an ironic ploy, like an exploding birthday cake: attract the Disney movie demographic with A-list actresses and then lay that thick underground movie sauce on them.

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Adding to the Spring Breakers myth is the fact that James Franco is on the cast of Spring Breakers; he plays a drug-dealing rapper named “Alien” who comes to the girls’ rescue after they get thrown in jail. Any character named Alien who’s not part of a Ridley Scott production has got to be interesting.

Of note, Janusz Kaminsky, a regular on Steven Spielberg film sets, is the Spring Breakers director of photography. Veteran DPs are nothing new to Korine; he’s previously worked with Anthony Dod Mantle (of the Dogme school) on Julien Donkey Boy.

Spring Breakers started shooting mid-February.

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