Stallone and Schwarzenegger to team up again

Last Updated: April 29, 2012By Tags: , ,

You’ve heard it right, Sly and Schwartzy (as the French inexplicably call him) will team up for a new jailbreak movie. As reported by Deadline, the two weight-room aficionados will appear in a new movie called The Tomb. Stallone will play a man who builds a prison that can’t be escaped from, gets sent to said prison after being set up and then has to get out of the prison he created. There’s some kind of a deep philosophical angle here, one which we’ll get into at a later time. The two action movie stars met up in a … hospital room. It’s a gag, of course. The Governator was recovering from the physical stress after shooting two recent movies, and Stallone slipped into the bed next to him for a tongue-in-cheek picture.