OPINION – Could “Rambo: Last Blood” be any more tone-deaf ?

Whose Rambo is it anyway?

John Rambo’s “final” adventure is upon us, and (spoiler alert), he rides off into the sunset—no matter that he’s critically injured. Will he be back? Or has the character finally overstayed his welcome? In a word: perhaps. The fact that the “First Blood” franchise has lasted nearly forty years over five films is kind of amazing in and of itself. Unlike Rocky Balboa, John Rambo has never ... more >

Sylvester Stallone

Bullet to the head

The choir boy and the commander: an uneasy partnership
Directed by Walter Hill

I wish I could have been in on the creative meeting when the producers were discussing titles for this thing. Formerly called “Headshot," before someone presumably thought that title was too sissified, “Bullet to the Head” is about as apt a description for a film as I’ve seen in a while. But for all the empty violence, “B2TH” is still kind of fun and compared to last week's “Parker," its ... more >

The Expendables 2

Who can say no to these two?
Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terry Crews
Directed by Simon West

Can a bunch of long-in-the-tooth action stars still substitute muscles, guns, and wisecracks for super heroes and special effects? Sylvester Stallone & Co. respond to that question with a resounding “hell yeah.” “The Expendables 2” is a “go-bigger” sequel that works and it does so because of exciting familiar faces. This time a debt Barney (Sylvester Stallone) owes to Mr. Church (Bruce ... more >

Stallone and Schwarzenegger to team up again

You've heard it right, Sly and Schwartzy (as the French inexplicably call him) will team up for a new jailbreak movie. As reported by Deadline, the two weight-room aficionados will appear in a new movie called The Tomb. Stallone will play a man who builds a prison that can’t be escaped from, gets sent to said prison after being set up and then has to get out of the prison he created. There's some ... more >