John Malkovich WRAPS UP Siberian Education

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If you ask me, there are some actors which we don’t see enough of these days: Edward Norton, John Cusack and Kevin Spacey. Erm, it all sounds very nineties, doesn’t it?

Another thespian I like is John Malkovich, who’s probably not American and working for the Russians—if not in reality, then at least in the movies. Malkovich is currently in Eastern Europe wrapping up production on a film in which he plays Grandfather Kuzja, an aging Ukrainian mobster teaching his grandson how to be an upright gangster. The film is called “Siberian Education” and was directed by Italian filmmaker Gabriele Salvatores, based on a screenplay that’s an adaptation of a real-life mobster memoir.

So even if we don’t see Norton and Cusack on screen too often these days, at least John Malkovich is still making the occasional reappearance—and I think that he’ll be fascinating as an aging Russian mobster. No further news regarding theatrical dates were available at this time.

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