Venice Film Festival

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Let’s have a look at the amazing line-up for this year’s Biennale. I took a friend and his girlfriend to lunch today and we were talking about the strange timing of these various major film festivals. Cannes is in a bit of a strange month because May is a strange month for films to be released.

Basically, if the year overall has been stuffed to the gills with good movies then Cannes will have a great edition. But if the vintage is not a good one, it will show down on the riviera. On the other hand, Toronto and the Venice Film Festival (the “Mostra”) have the perfect time slot. Because anything that’s been done in the first half of the year will be scheduled for a Mostra or a Toronto premiere–once the large blockbusters have cleared the Summer pipeline, here come the indie and foreign heavy-hitters; but sales will go in a frenzy at Toronto, since the Mostra does not have a market.

click here for the run-down on this year’s selection; to be noted, our writer A.J. Goldmann will be reporting from the Lido and offers us his movie highlights.

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  1. DINESH R MAKWANA August 24, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Venice earns the Hollywood touch for many action sequences, for many romantic enchantment moments and for a uniqueness that makes movie makers say yes to such an extent that it commands the delights of the Venice Film Festival. That’s an achievement in itself because many cities around the world have so much action and romance and class and uniqueness. The branding and exciting adventure and marketing theme sell for a tourist and guest by the brilliant Orient Express Hotel chain is just breathtakingly correct. Well done the Orient Express and well done Venice.

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