News from Venice

Watch this space as we post updates from the Venice Mostra. Our own A.J. Goldmann is at the Lido covering all the screenings. Meanwhile check out our sidebar trailer for the latest press conference footage, courtesy of the Mostra Youtube Channel. ... more >

Venice Film Festival

A look at this year's Mostra

Let's have a look at the amazing line-up for this year's Biennale. I took a friend and his girlfriend to lunch today and we were talking about the strange timing of these various major film festivals. Cannes is in a bit of a strange month because May is a strange month for films to be released. Basically, if the year overall has been stuffed to the gills with good movies then Cannes will have a ... more >

Marisa in Venice

Who loves Marisa Tomei? We do.

The beautiful Marisa Tomei will be starring opposite George Clooney and Ryan Gosling in "Ides of March," which will premiere at the next Venice Mostra. ... more >