Kathryn Bigelow’s tangles with Congress

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Director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal, the talented team behind the highly successful Hurt Locker and now working on a film about the hunt for Bin Laden, are being taken to task by Rep. Peter King (R-NY).

The New York congressman wondered whether the filmmakers’ had cooperation from government agencies and special access to classified information. In other words, did the team receive special favors from the White House and will the final product be biased accordingly?

In its response reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the team stated that it had been “working for years on the project which integrates the collective efforts of three administrations, including those of Presidents [Bill] Clinton, [George W.] Bush and [Barack] Obama, as well as the cooperative strategies and implementation by the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency. Kathryn Bigelow went on to say that finding Bin Laden ‘was an American triumph, both heroic and nonpartisan, and there is no basis to suggest that our film will represent this enormous victory otherwise.’”