The Interrupters

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An up-close journey into the strangely persisting violence encountered in our cities, The Interrupters–by producer-director Steve James (Hoop Dreams, Stevie) and author-turned-producer Alex Kotlowitz (There Are No Children Here) tells the stories of three violence Interrupters who try to protect their communities from the brutality they once were known for themselves. Shot over the course of a year the film captures a period in Chicago (where the former Cabrini Green projects used to be located) when the city became a national symbol for violence in America.

Ameena, Eddie and Cobe are all active in Chicago’s CeaseFire organization, which aims to stop the spread of inner-city violence with a unique, dangerous, and controversial method of insinuating its members personally into the fray. Intervening in disputes before they turn violent, they employ lessons learned from their own complicated pasts to gain access and credibility within local gang and drug communities, forming personal bonds and offering alternatives to those who until now have had no hope of either.

With extraordinary access, director James’ camera follows the three dedicated Interrupters as they go about their work, and while doing so reveal their own inspired journeys of hope and redemption.

Opens at IFC Center on Friday, July 29; national rollout in August.