Go, Panda, go!

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All signs point to a strong box office holiday weekend. As a passionate supporter of theatrical exhibition, seeing the industry’s numbers slide down, as they have known to do in the past, is always a matter for concern. But movies like “Hangover II” and “Kung Fun Panda” getting rolled out this weekend, things haven’t looked this good in a long time. Early estimates put “Hangover” opening (and it is opening worldwide at the same time) at a $ 100M, while people close to Warner Brothers  say the comedy about what happens when you black out on booze will will surpass expectations.

Dreamworks’ “Kung-Fu Panda II” whose title character Po is voiced by Jack Black, is also expected to do well at the box office ($67M seems to be the average estimate)

Here’s hoping American cinema will make a killing at worldwide B.O.—betting on a $ 240M spree.

Watch the trailer for “Kung Fu Panda II”