Susannah York

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This ravishing British screen beauty of the 1960s is another one of those actors who gets a few shots at first-tier ranking and never quite makes it. In her case, what may have prevented a full-blown star career was the independent and stubborn streak that made her refuse the typecast parts which her blue eyes, blond hair and impish figure brought her way. Instead, she picked wisely, moving from “Tom Jones” to “A Man for all Seasons,” to the role that brought her an Academy Award nomination, Sydney Pollack’s “They Shoot Horses, Don’t they?” She played opposite Sean Connery, Paul Scofield, alongside Jane Fonda and Glenda Jackson and scores of others of her peers.

After the early 1970s, the highly-gifted performer worked mainly on stage and for television, mostly in Britain where the media have been lavish in their eulogies since Susannah York died of cancer three days ago at age 72.