The Room

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Within the domain of cult cinema lies a genre known as “so-bad-they’re-good.” The film that is deemed as one of the greatest of this genre is “The Room,” which recently received Rocky Horror Picture Show status as it made numerous midnight screenings across the U.S. and abroad. Writer, producer, director and lead actor Tommy Wiseau spent six million dollars making what he refers to as “a film with the passion of Tennessee Williams” but in reality is wrought with unbelievably bad acting, countless plot holes, pointless dialogue and some CGI rooftop scenes for good measure. To up the ante a bit, Wiseau also added several sex scenes that play out like bad nineties cable porn and recycles the footage in four different scenes. All of this adds up to one really bad film and ninety-nine minutes of absolute hilarity.

The film loosely centers on Johnny, a successful banker and devoted future husband to his future wife Lisa, the lying and cheating antagonist of the film. Johnny’s best friend Mark spends most of his time finding creative uses for a spiral staircase with Lisa and pondering life on a CGI rooftop. There are several other pointless characters, subplots that don’t go anywhere and a grand finale that will have you either laughing hysterically or clapping that it’s finally over and probably both.

It is pretty clear that Wiseau was attempting to make a serious film and what he ended up with was something preposterous, but in interviews Wiseau seems to insist that “everything was intentional.” Regardless, Wiseau stands behind his film, even appearing at many of the midnight showings around the world, giving interviews and making guest appearances on the Internet. For even more entertainment you can scour the web and join the ever-growing online community (mostly on IMDb) of Wiseau fans and discuss anything from “what was Tommy thinking?” to “who would star in the remake?”

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