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By CRAIG YOUNKIN – February 11, 2010

The Good: Are you prepared to get a spider web shot in your face? The next Spider-Man flick, coming in the summer of 2012, will be in 3-D, a dream for fan boys who thought being able to crawl up and leap from building to building in 2-D was kind of restrictive. In an unrelated story, Penelope Cruz is in negotiations to star in the next Pirates of the Carribean flick alongside Johnny Depp. The last time the two were together was 2001’s “Blow.”

The Bad: In what sounds like one of the worst ideas for a super hero flick to come along in quite a while, a “Stretch Armstrong” movie is in the works, based on yet another toy line. And in a really bad case of mis-casting, Taylor Lautner (pictured) will star. The buff Twighlighter just doesn’t seem like a flexible super-hero type to me and did you see him in “New Moon” by the way, stretch is the last word you could use to describe the guy’s acting ability.

The Ugly: In what is shaping up to be a heavy weight fight during Independence Day of 2012, the new “Spider-Man” and the second “Star Trek” will be released within three days of one another. “Star Trek” will be released on June 29 and “Spider-Man” will be released on July 2. I love the match-up but imagine the stampede to the box office ticket window that weekend. Yeah, it could get messy.

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