Mrsa Treatment Doxycycline

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Rosario Dawson

DOWN FOR THE COUNT | Death by Quentin Tarantino

Paying homage to the dead

The work of Quentin Tarantino could be said to fall into categories: firearms and explosion/fire. That’s what this new infographic (see below) created by Vanity Fair seems to tell us, anyway, in its surveying the number of dead and the cause of death throughout Tarantino’s opus.

According to this graphic there are relatively few deaths in his first three feature films and people are killed with firearms. “Kill Bill” comes packed with a higher death toll (sixty-two in total), and people are offed in more creative ways (saber, kitchen knife, plank with nails, etc). ”Kill Bill 2” and “Death Proof” inspire Tarantino’s creative spur by featuring deaths caused by eye gouging, heart-blasting shots and snake bites.

“Django Unchained” and especially “Inglourious Basterds” marked the reaching of a new level–both in gore and in numbers: death is everywhere (396 kills for “Inglorious Basterds”) and man’s final breath is delivered through fire, scalps, dog bites, baseball bat kicks and strangulation. This all begs the question: what will Q.T. think of next? (photo: Tarantino and cast on the set of “Death Proof.”)

CLICK to get a large version of infographic

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