Rosario Dawson

DOWN FOR THE COUNT | Death by Quentin Tarantino

Paying homage to the dead

The work of Quentin Tarantino could be said to fall into categories: firearms and explosion/fire. That’s what this new infographic (see below) created by Vanity Fair seems to tell us, anyway, in its surveying the number of dead and the cause of death throughout Tarantino's opus. According to this graphic there are relatively few deaths in his first three feature films and people are killed ... more >


How do you stop a mile-long freight train again?
Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson
Directed by Tony Scott

I loved "Unstoppable." Every improbable, electric minute of Tony Scott’s runaway train movie, its ludicrous start. I loved its “why didn’t they do that in the first place? Because then we wouldn’t have a movie” ending. Most of all, though, I loved the fact that it’s red meat for the Great Tony Scott debate, ie., is he a cinematic genius or a cinematic vandal? "Unstoppable" returns Scott to ... more >