Anna Kendrick

Known for "Pitch perfect," "Twilight"
Born: August 9th, 1985 (Portland, ME)

THE LATEST: in early 2014 Kendrick made a massive appearance at all the shows during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in New York. She told Vanity Fair, "Everyone keeps asking me if I'm holding up alright, because it's such a hectic time, but because I'm a novice, I'm finding the energy to be really exciting,” she says. “I think it's a lot easier because it's not something I know. If I had this many ... more >

Twilight Saga: BREAKING DAWN 2

Since the birth of Renesmee
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Directed by Bill Condon

There was some hope for “Breaking Dawn Part 2." The end of Part 1 had Bella (Kristen Stewart) getting pregnant with what might be a demon offspring while becoming something of a demon herself when Edward (Robert Pattinson) turns her into a vamp. I expected Stephanie Meyers's so far-overblown book series to finally find some urgency but this may be the worse one yet, because we now know that it was ... more >


A less wondrous Twilight than the one before, sadly
Directed by David Slade

By KEVIN BOWEN - July 7, 2010Loving a vampire really is forever. When the minister says Til Death Do You Part, it comes with a distant expiration date. Facing sex, marriage, and permanent transformation into a creature of the night, “Twilight: Eclipse” finds Bella and Edward exploring the neuroses of eternal love.Should Bella Swan say sayonara to her human friends to be with vampire Edward Cullen ... more >