Americans cause hoopla at Venice

Top Italian journalist laments raid on prizes

In a noted moment of chutzpah the Italian press, led by Paolo Mereghetti (pictured), has been up in arms about the American raid on the most consequential awards at the Venice Biennale with Sofia Coppola winning for “Somewhere” and Monte Hellman for “Road to nowhere.” I admit, I knew that neither film was a shoo-in for the top nods, especially with the wealth of prime cinema on the Lido this ... more >


By RUBY BOUKABOU - September 6, 2010So Sofia Coppola, not known as a woman of many words in press interviews, was calm but friendly and nice. Elle Fanning, who plays the daughter, was chirpy and Stephen Dorff—he has a boyish but rigged Sam-Worthington quality in the film--was wonderful, eloquent and enthusiastic. The whole press setup in an Italian villa with perky publicists and interviews was ... more >