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By RUBY BOUKABOU – September 6, 2010

So Sofia Coppola, not known as a woman of many words in press interviews, was calm but friendly and nice. Elle Fanning, who plays the daughter, was chirpy and Stephen Dorff—he has a boyish but rigged Sam-Worthington quality in the film–was wonderful, eloquent and enthusiastic. The whole press setup in an Italian villa with perky publicists and interviews was similar to the film which takes us into life of an LA film star.

Editing the “Miral” piece now in the press office which has that mid-festival feel of the tick of deadlines with a complete immersion into the world of cinema sessions, interviews and reporting and, oh, your ‘keep dry’ signoff was serious! I was caught in the Casino twenty minutes before my interviews for “Miral” in the Excelsior and finally had to swim to the interview! I’m not exaggerating that much… typical for first TV day … so I am not adding my footage to the piece for this one! Will send you a link to the “Miral” piece soon.

(photo: A scene from “Somewhere”)

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