Straight shootin’ about “Demolition”

Distributed by Fox Searchlight
Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts
Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée

DEMOLITION is off from the first frame and never grounds itself enough to make a coherent argument. Hard to tell whether it’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s perplexed expression as he endeavors to show himself empty of emotions after the accidental death of his wife or the ill-thought storyline that appears to go in one direction and then unexplainably veers into another. Jean-Marc Vallée, who previously ... more >

Watts as Lady Di


Lady Di biopic to be released in Spring 2013

A picture was just released of Naomi Watts in the role of Diana, Princess of Wales. The eponymous biopic, generally touted as the first serious portrayal of the people's princess, is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (he lensed 2004's exceptional film "Downfall") and will center around Di's relationship with Hasnat Khan, A British-Pakistan surgeon (played by Naveen Andrews) between 1995 and 1997, ... more >

Dream house

... more >

Fair game

Wife. Mother. Spy.
Naomi Watts, Sean Penn and Sonya Davison
Directed by Doug Liman

Just when the recession was starting to make the Iraq war feel like a blip director Doug Liman’s (he previously directed "Bourne Ultimatum") “Fair Game” brings us more fresh outrage, this time going through the details of how the government dragged a CIA agent and her do-gooder husband through the mud. They are, of course, Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts) and Joe Wilson (Sean Penn). Beginning shortly ... more >

You will meet a tall dark stranger

Double dating explained
Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin and Anthony Hopkins
Directed by Woody Allen

In You will meet a tall dark stranger coming out this week the stars are aligned once again. Woody Allen's new picture--its title wrily referring to what fortune-tellers will say as soon as you're in the door-- is a winner, vintage Allen, with idiosyncrasies firmly rooted in tradition, the endearing stranger doing the voiceover and even—even!—a character named Alfie, played by Anthony Hopkins. ... more >

Mother and Child

Three women, lives intersecting.
Annette Benning, Naomi Watts and Kerry Washington
Directed by Rodrigo Garcia

They are talented and respected. They are famous. They draw much praise.So is it possible for them to be overlooked, too? I would say yes.In this way, Annette Bening and Naomi Watts are similar actresses from slightly different generations. Each could make an argument for being best among their age. Yet each one is overshadowed – Bening by the long legacy of Meryl Streep; Watts by Cate Blanchett ... more >