JEAN DUJARDIN gets role in next Martin Scorcese movie

The Wolf of Wall Street was adapted from a memoir

Jean Dujardin, who last February won the Oscar for Best Actor for his turn in The Artist, is in talks with Martin Scorsese to star in his next film, The Wolf of Wall Street. The French actor, 39, who was unknown here a year ago, will join Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in this film about the rise and fall of a Wall Street financier-- shooting is scheduled to begin this summer in New ... more >

Martin Scorsese to shoot BIOPIC about Taylor-Burton

The tweetosphere is alive with the sound of big Hollywood gossip. It looks like Martin Scorsese will be making a feature film (it’ll be the ‘epic’ genre) about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s stormy, on-again off-again relationship, as reported first by Deadline Hollywood. The film is adapted from a novel by a couple of Vanity Fair writers and is called "Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, ... more >

Shutter Island

An expertly-made popcorn movie
Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo
Directed by Martin Scorcese

As he ages, Martin Scorsese appears to be making a clear turn to pulp. I would say that some of the hesitations often expressed about The Departed stem from this change. The Academy Award winner doesn’t’ have the sense of burned-in reality of his early New York films. You also hear, incorrectly that it is shallow, a misimpression that lingers. Rather, it’s a quiet study of the relationships ... more >