The Muppets

It's time to meet the Muppets
Amy Adams, Jason Segel and Chris Cooper
Directed by James Bobin

Who doesn’t love The Muppets? Birds love them. Bees love them. Even monkeys stuck in trees love them. That’s been the case since the 1970s when Jim Henson first stuck his hand into a green sock and pulled out a cultural icon (I know, he’s not really a green sock.) Why you would have to be a heartless Texas oilman played by Chris Cooper (with his own personal rap!) to want to quash the ... more >

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This movie reminds me of that famous Steve Buscemi line from the opening of Reservoir Dogs. “Dick-dick, dick-dick, dick-dick, dick!” A cavalcade of uninspired penis jokes--going so far as to scorch our retinas with the sight of star Jason Segel’s. Forgetting Sarah Marshall also represents a dubious landmark in the history of the Judd Apatow Comedy Factory. It’s the moment when the ... more >