The uncertain nature of human connection explored in “THERE, THERE” | REVIEW

A rewarding film experience
Starring Lili Taylor, Jason Schwartzman and Lennie James
Directed by Andrew Bujalski

Andrew Bujalski's “There There” has the rarest of abilities to capture the natural conversations between people who are moving through their life journeys, seeking self-worth, and looking to define themselves. This is an honest and organic film, impeccably performed by its excellent cast. Filmed during the pandemic lockdown, Bujalski’s experimental work is a series of six two-character segments ... more >

MOONRISE KINGDOM – A gem of brains, humor and heart

Experiencing love at its purest

Wes Anderson’s "Moonrise Kingdom" is not only a story of the power of first love but also the way that children create the mythology of adulthood through the fabric of stories. The world approaches us first wrapped as tales, and we handle its mysteries with imagination. The largest part of reality, even as we age, remains a contradictory act of abstraction. This has been a quietly placed theme ... more >