“THE SON” director Florian Zeller speaks about his new film at PALM SPRINGS FEST

It’s the second in an unofficial trilogy that started with "THE FATHER" in 2020

PALM SPRINGS, Calif.—Florian Zeller broke our hearts in 2020 with “The Father,” which placed us inside the mind of a man suffering from dementia. It featured a bravura performance from Anthony Hopkins, who justly took home an Oscar. Zeller appeared at the 34th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday for a screening and conversation about “The Son,” his new film. “They are ... more >

Anthony Hopkins gives magisterial performance in “The Father”

Hopkins was first sent the script for "The Father" by the director in 2017
Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman and Imogen Poots
Directed by Florian Zeller

Anthony Hopkins gives the performance of a lifetime in “The Father,” which is saying something for a man who has been acting professionally for more than a half-century, and who already has one Oscar to his credit.  Hopkins is 83, at the top of his game, and also of the right age to infuse his character in the new film with the most assuredly correct amount of pathos and humanity, and elicit our ... more >