POLANSKI to bring a film to the Cannes Festival

Belga Films Fund, Belga Productions, Wy Productions

"Based on a true story" ("D'après une histoire vraie" in the French original) is the latest film by Roman Polanski, and a late addition to this year's Cannes program. The film was adapted from the namesake novel by author Delphine de Vigan. In it, a writer (played by French actress Emmanuelle Seigner, Polanski's real-life wife) living in Paris publishes an autobiographical novel, and it does not ... more >

Big French win at San Sebastian Fest

François Ozon win caps fest's anniversary edition

French film director François Ozon won the Golden Shell for Best Picture at the 60th San Sebastian Film Festival during a ceremony on Saturday for his film “In the house.” [François Ozon directed "The Swimming Pool" and more recently "Potiche," both of which are on Netflix] In his film, which was loosely adapted from a play by Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga, actor Fabrice Luchini ("The ... more >