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FIRST LOOK: Effie Gray

Produced by Sovereign Films / Distributed by Metrodome
Country: U.K.

"Effie Gray" is a 2012 British biographical drama film directed by Richard Laxton, released in 2014 in the U.K. The film's release was delayed by several lawsuits that alleged that the script, written by Emma Thompson, was plagiarised from earlier dramatizations of the same story (Thompson won the suit). The subject of "Effie" is the love triangle involving Victorian art critic John Ruskin ... more >

Night Moves

Dakota Fanning like you've never seen her before
Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning
Directed by Kelly Reichardt

Kelly Reichardt likes uncomplicated. As early as when “Wendy and Lucy” came out her films have testified to her ultra-sharp minimalism and efficiency. “Night Moves,” a genre film in which three environmentalists (they're David Koresh league, but for the tree-hugger set) conspire together to blow up a dam follows the same ethos of subtlety. In lieu and place of a psychological drama about ... more >


When spoiled children become narcissistic
(voice) Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher
Directed by Henry Selick

With an eye to innovation, "Coraline" impressively stitches together the old and the new in a three-dimensional doll house of animation. The film bravely combines modern stereoscopic filming techniques with old -fashioned figurines and stop-gap animation, creating a smooth CG-like veneer. The effect creates dark, brilliant other worlds, and it never once occurs to you that these characters are ... more >