Trapped in an abusive relationship: “ALICE, DARLING”

A rare film that leaves one wanting for more like it
Anna Kendrick, Wunmi Mosaku and Kaniehtiio Horn
Directed by Mary Nighy

In director Mary Nighy’s “Alice, Darling,” the toll an abusive relationship takes on the victim is explored through a subtly observed screenplay and Ana Kendrick’s surprising dramatic force. Kendrick is a revelation as Alice, a woman who exists as an actor in her own life, her true self trapped deep within the confines of a controlling boyfriend, Simon (Charlie Carrick). As Alice walks through ... more >

Anna Kendrick

Known for "Pitch perfect," "Twilight"
Born: August 9th, 1985 (Portland, ME)

THE LATEST: in early 2014 Kendrick made a massive appearance at all the shows during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in New York. She told Vanity Fair, "Everyone keeps asking me if I'm holding up alright, because it's such a hectic time, but because I'm a novice, I'm finding the energy to be really exciting,” she says. “I think it's a lot easier because it's not something I know. If I had this many ... more >


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