Everybody wants some !!

Solid but not quite explosive
Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin and Ryan Guzman
Directed by Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater is uniquely qualified to make a film like EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! By that, I mean he’s the fairly rare filmmaker who was a certifiable jock--both the quarterback and star pitcher for high school teams in Houston and Huntsville, Texas. A baseball scholarship helped pay for college. That perspective informs the athletes of his most famous film, DAZED AND CONFUSED (which, chances ... more >

Stockholm my love


Film was lensed by Christopher Doyle
Neneh Cherry contributed five new songs to the film

In Mark Cousins's STOCKHOLM MY LOVE Alva Achebe (Neneh Cherry) is a passionate Swedish architect who is fascinated by the way buildings can influence lives. And yet, she's haunted by an event from her past. A year earlier, Alva was involved in an accident, the weight of it still affecting her today. On the anniversary of the accident, she reaches breaking point. She gets lost in Stockholm, ... more >

Killing Them Safely

Who tased ya? KILLING THEM SAFELY out in theaters now

Zipper Bros Films | Boxcar Films

KILLING THEM SAFELY, a new documentary (100 min.) out in theaters since yesterday, paints a controversial picture of the taser gun industry--namely, one industry since all of the world's taser guns are manufactured by one outfit called Taser International. The film, written and directed by Nick Berardini, raises the proverbial question of whether taser guns are safer than traditional guns. ... more >

The (sort of) truth behind the two versions of Abel Ferrara’s “Welcome to New York”

Includes conversations with Abel Ferrara and Vincent Maraval [Wild Bunch]
Film will come out in one theater only in San Francisco

Today, after a six month-press war launched by filmmaker Abel Ferrara against his chief financier, Vincent Maraval (French distributor Wild Bunch's head honcho) and IFC Films, the R-rated cut of Ferrara’s originally unrated “Welcome to New York” is opening theatrically—to Ferrara’s chagrin—in the US. It is, however, only showing at one theater: The Roxie, in San Francisco. Elsewhere in this ... more >



Films on the Green is proposed by the French embassy, the city's Parks and Recreation and FACE foundation
Festival is in its seventh year
French films, from recently to less so

You can flashmob to Pharrell ‘til you’re blue in the face, but, in terms of things we do en masse nothing gets people gathering ‘round in the soothing glow of community like outdoors movie night. Even if it’s a subtitled movie. That seems to be the wager made by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, the city’s Parks Department and FACE foundation in presenting FILMS ON THE ... more >

VIDEO MASHUP: Watching movies in hotels

Vid says it all, hotels are fun
Arte is France's indie cinema channel
Includes "King of New York" and "The Shining"

Hotels provide the perfect backdrop for filmmaking: they're anonymous and decorative at the same time, providing plenty of opportunities for characters to try out new ambitions and luxuriate in temporary poshness. Infidel couples can indulge themselves in their queen-sized sandbox, writers can have a moment's peace to grope around for a resolution of their memoir' passionless third act, and ... more >

CANNES 2014 – Start your engines

Selection to be announced this morning
Lock #SCannes2014 on Twitter

In about an hour I’ll be getting ready to get over to the Champs Elysées cineplex where the Cannes Festival's Thierry Frémaux and Gilles Jacob will be holding their press conference. Just a few last minute thoughts about the would-be selection; it appears that the French will make a strong showing this year (Screen Comment is based in Paris, can't hardly start an article without mentioning this ... more >