CANNES FESTIVAL – Cornel Porumboiu’s “La Gomera” (“The Whistlers”)

This film is competing for the Palme D'Or

Despite its non-chronological narrative and slightly-convoluted plot Corneliu Porumboiu’s new film “La Gomera” is a winner. It’s a film noir with a femme fatale, murders and a morally-questionable hero. “Gomera” references “The Maltese Falcon,” and has one scene that looks like a first take from “Psycho.” Add to this a mattress full of cash, a pious mother and scenes from the Singapore's Garden ... more >



Director Danielle Lessovitz is a graduate of NYU's Tisch school for the arts

(CANNES, France) - Ever loved someone from a different category as you? Different colors, different creeds and backgrounds can separate a lot of us from a lot of other us. How do we respond, what do we do, if cupid strikes? In Danielle Lessovitz film “Port Authority” two teenagers, Paul and Wye, belong to different social groups in New York City’s downtown and outer-boroughs. Paul (British actor ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL – “SORRY WE MISSED YOU,” tense and moving family drama premised on the idea of choice

"Sorry we missed you" is presented as part of the competition program

“Sorry we missed you” by Ken Loach is laden with social significance. It stands as direct indictment of how businesses have reorganized labor contracts, passing risk and exposure unto their workforce. In France, the U.K., Belgium and elsewhere job precarity has increased due to various factors, but also due to the fact that employers, such as the parcel delivery service pictured in the film, no ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL – Panoramic “Bacurau,” a revenge Western with pointed anti-American sentiment

Once upon a time in the sertão

“Bacurau” has been one of the richest cinematic experiences I've seen in a while, producing enormous feeling. And while the writing is slightly disheveled, this panoramic film is brimming with imagery of folklore, capoeira, community life and historical legacy. It’s a celebration of Brazilian sertao (outback) living, told from the viewpoints of several different people but not without its acidic ... more >


CANNES FESTIVAL – Ladj Ly’s “Les Misérables,” the scream of the French inner-city

The film was inspired by the 2005 riots in Paris's suburbs
Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti and Djibril Zonga
Directed by Ladj Ly

Many a filmmaker has shot the inner city, the tough neighborhoods, in order to highlight the plight of the locals. In press documents for “Les Misérables” director Ladj Ly has said, “I hope the President [of France] watches the movie, so he can get a sense for what’s going on here.” Making movies is a personal project, innately, but not all stories are autobiographical. This one is. Ly has ... more >


CANNES – “The Unknown Saint,” boredom, cash and strange bedfellows

A Morocco/France/Qatar production
Younes Bouab, Salah Bensalah and Bouchaib Essamak
Directed by Alaa Eddine Aljem

CRITICS WEEK, Cannes - Amine (French-Moroccan actor Younes Bouab), a man for whom life is a struggle of every moment —at least, this is what his weary and beautiful gaze seems to express—is being pursued by the police somewhere in the Moroccan desert. He runs up to the top of a hill to bury his treasure before getting collared. A decade later, he comes out of jail and goes back to the hilltop to ... more >


CANNES – A day in the life, Franco Lolli’s LITIGANTE

Franco Lolli's last feature film is "Gente de bien" (2014)
Carolina Sanin and Leticia Gómez
Directed by Franco Lolli

Life sometimes requires us to swallow our ego, put out fires and resolve crises on a variety of fronts--family, work, children. What if you were in crisis mode all the time? How do we confront these adversities, but more to the point, where do we find the gumption to do so?  In Franco Lolli’s very personal film “Litigante,” there’s something almost invasive about watching Silvia (Carolin Sanin) go ... more >