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Atlas Shrugged

Finally a screen adaptation of the eponymous book
Taylor Schilling, Paul Johansson and Michael O'Keefe
Directed by Paul Johansson

Much to my surprise, the matinee at which I saw “Atlas Shrugged, Part I” drew a pretty sizable crowd, considering that it was a beautiful day and life is short. The intended audience for this film is apparently larger than I thought, and I'll confess that I suspect I'm not among it. I have not read the arboricidal tome on which it is based, nor anything else by Ayn Rand. Beyond that, there's ... more >

Next installment planned for Atlas Shrugged

The saga (on and off the screen) continues

The mysterious and tentacular power of the Ayn Rand-inspired movie "Atlas Shrugged: Part I" is again on display. As reported by Rebecca Kegan of The L.A. Times, "Atlas" will not only be released as DVD in the Fall but production on the next part of the trilogy will go on according to the film's producer, fitness equipment executive John Aglialoro (he's the CEO of Cybex International) - read the ... more >

News: Ayn Rand Novel now a Movie

Production has wrapped on “Atlas Shrugged, Part I,” which is based on the widely read 1957 novel. Paul Johansson ("One Tree Hill") directed and the cast includes Grant Bowler, who previously appeared in “True Blood” and “Ugly Betty,” and Nick Cassavetes. The film got made with only fifteen millions but with people such as Harmon Kaslow in the producer chair such sums can go a long way. “Our goal ... more >


Six Degrees of Wachowski
Tom Hanks, Halle Barry and Jim Broadbent
Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lane Wachowski

“Cloud Atlas,” the latest effort from the Wachowskis, wraps a half-dozen stories, settings, and groups of characters into one film. But it doesn’t matter how many stories they do, their song remains the same. The “Matrix” helmers have hit the same point for a while now. Liberty is the freedom from illusions that are perpetrated by relationships of power. Bravery is the willingness to fight ... more >

Cloud Atlas

When brave souls defy rules, often at a high cost
Tom Hanks and Halle Berry
Directed by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski

When early in the forties a young Greek director called Elias Kazantzoglou showed up at a major Hollywood studio, the studio head (one imagines him sending cigar smoke the way of the hopeful visitor), advised him on a name change as a first step. “How about Cézanne?” the studio head asked. The director who would go down in film history as Elia Kazan demurred. “There already is a Cézanne,” he said. ... more >

Tribeca Film Festival: “Always Shine” and “AWOL”

Two films that should've best been kept out of Tribeca

Sophia Takal’s “Always Shine” and Deb Shoval’s “AWOL” have many things in common. For starters, both are films about a duo of women by female directors—the former a jagged psychological thriller about two actresses, the latter a bittersweet lesbian romance. Both female duos find themselves pushed to the edge by a domineering patriarchy, the former by the demanding and objectifying world of fashion ... more >

About Cherry

Taking a long peek inside a closed world
Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco and Heather Graham
Directed by Stephen Elliott

“About Cherry” strives to display the porn industry—or at least its San Francisco chapter—in a more positive light than in “Hardcore,” “Boogie Nights” and other outwardly leering, inwardly moralistic takes on the subject. The directorial debut of author Stephen Elliott, who worked as a stripper in his twenties, and co-written by porn star Lorelei Lee, the film is refreshingly devoid of rape, ... more >