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REVIEW: Lucía Garibaldi’s polished and hypnotic “The Sharks”

An engrossing story about the journey to womanhood
Romina Bentancur, Federico Morosini and Fabián Arenillas
Directed by Lucía Garibaldi

“The Sharks” ("Los Tiburones" in the original Spanish title) is something special. Uruguayan writer/director Lucía Garibaldi's feature-length debut is a coming of age tale that gets to the heart of its subject without judgment or forced and phony life lessons. This is a careful and organic look at a teenager on the cusp of becoming a woman. Almost overwhelmed by puberty, fifteen-year old Rosina ... more >


She had us. Then she lost us.
Sean Hayes, Carrie Aizley and Margo Martindale
Directed by Nick Peet

What can one say when a great performance is lost on a film so enamored with itself that it becomes less and less endearing from scene to scene, finally burying any good graces it may have had? The answer? An unfortunate negative take on the new comedy, “Lazy Susan.” Sean Hayes is the unambitious Susan O’Connell. Susan can’t hold down a job nor do what it takes to find one and has been ... more >

NETFLIX AND CHILL: Ten reasons why staying in during the coronavirus scare is not so bad

"Master of None," "Ozark" and "Unorthodox" have made the list!

Confinement. Quarantine. Shut in. Whatever you wish to call it, we are all doing our part to stay safe during this tough time. For many of us, the arts are the key to keeping our minds stable through any issue, let alone being stuck in our homes for months. We have novels, music, films and television to see us through. The world now lives in the age of bingeing thanks to the major streaming ... more >

INTERVIEW: Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance of “Slay the Dragon”

Pushing back on gerrymandering in Wisconsin, Colorado and Michigan and across the rest of the nation
(April 3, 2020; runtime: 101 min.)

The 2020 Census is upon us, and its results will determine how much representation each district will get in the House of Representatives. But for decades there have been various attempts to cheat the system in a trick called gerrymandering, wherein voting districts are redrawn to effectively divide certain blocs and thus reduce their collective representative power in Congress. “Slay the ... more >

Covid-19 claims the life of Paris-based Iranian documentary filmmaker

Kioumars Derambakhsh, the Iranian director, documentary maker and still photographer, died in Paris of COVID 19, on March 31st. During his long career, his many interests and wide culture caused him to direct a number of documentaries on a range of subjects, (including a thirteen-episode series on the drawings of Eugène Flandin, famed French 19th-century traveler to Iran, or ancient Armenian ... more >